Ampetronic Signal Processor SP5

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Please note that the power supply is NOT included.
Item is used but in great working order when it was removed from service.
We were unable to test the product due to not having the correct power supply so consider the sale AS IS, WHERE IS.
The SP5 is a signal processor which introduces a phase shift across the audio band between two separate amplifiers. When specified with a suitable loop design, it is used for a variety of system applications.
Large area systems
Rooms with structural metal
Theatres with balconies
Confidential systems
Adjacent locations
An Ultra-Low-Spill Induction Loop System uses two carefully designed loop arrays, which are overlaid in the same area, and are driven by two loop drivers. This type of design can reduce the spill field from the loop within 1.5m of the loop perimeter. To minimise any unwanted interaction between the two arrays, the SP5 creates a 90 phase difference between the signals into the amplifiers. The SP5 also incorporates Ampetronics Metal Loss Correction system. This same phase shift requirement may also exist when driving balconies which overhang a seating area. The phase shift minimises the interaction between the two loops to deliver uniform field strength on both floor levels. To greatly reduce the effect of loss due to metal in the building construction, two arrays are often used (as for Ultra-low spill).
In both cases careful design of the complex loop layout is essential. Hills SVL can offer this design service. The SP5 is built into a standard1/6 rack width unit. Rack mounting trays and blanking plates can also be provided. The SP5 is supplied with the required power lead and input and output signal leads.
In EXCELLENT condition & working order!
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