Bruel & Kjaer 2260 Sound Level Investigator Analyser Meter in Case – Used

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Includes Type 4189 1/2″ Prepolarized Free-field Microphone
Centre of the screen is slightly darker but still readable
Button pad worn in some areas (see images)
Battery terminals are broken but a spring could be used instead
We highly recommend that the item is calibrated prior to production use
Bruel and Kjaer 2260 Investigator Sound Analyser in Case
2260 Investigator is a battery-operated, hand-held, programmable sound analyzer. Its embedded operating system,based on a PC architecture, is closely integrated with a digital signal processor (DSP) and two-channel microphone conditioning electronics, all together
creating a versatile platform for highquality real-time sound analyses.

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Shelf A-02-F05