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Additional Comments

These can be used in two modes: DM (Delegate) or CM (Chairman) – Mode is selected via a switch under the casing of the unit

They are in a used condition


Comes in a lot of 5x units


Compatible with:

Shure – FD6120F Front-Plate Microphone Unit –

DISCDS4000 Conference Discussion System – http://www.dis.su/pdf/MU4040_EN.pdf

And More.


Manufacturer’s Overview

The MU4040 Microphone Unit is an electronic boxdesigned for hidden installation, e.g. in an armrest,under a table or in a floor box.

The MU4040 is provided with a fixed cable fordaisy chain connection to the back of the previousunit, a connector for connection for the nextMU4040 unit and a HD 15S connector. The HD15S is used for direct remote connection of:Microphone (e.g. HM4042, GM40xx, GM44xx inexternal outlet), microphone control buttons, LEDindicators and loudspeaker.

The MU4040 may also be used to switch on and offa loudspeaker in a loudspeaker system withseparate amplification (e.g. a 100V system) via anexternal relay.

The MU4040 is designed for fixed mounting byfour screws. 







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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 20 cm




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