GE Panda IRES Bedded Warmer M1112198 1502 T-Piece Air/O2 Blender System – 2012

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REF M1112198
Controller panel buttons, heater, scale, height adjustments, and bed tilt all working accordingly
The shaft connecting the controller knob to adjust the %O2 is missing
Upon further investigations, there doesn’t appear to be a module to regulate %O2
According to the system, SpO2 Processor, Firmware and Hardware NOT PRESENT
Features lockable drawers but with NO key
The Panda Bedded Warmer offers the full capabilities found across the Panda Warmer portfolio. It can be configured with full resuscitation capability and SpO2 monitoring, meeting clinical standards in a single configuration. It is intended to provide a complete warming environment with monitoring of critical newborn parameters.

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Shelf 3-10-E01A