Hartwell Medical CombiCarrier II Scoop Backboard Stretcher – Used

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Item Description:

  • Used, Tested, working well
  • This item was previously owned / used and just made redundant by a local government agency due to a major upgrade.
  • All remaining units DO NOT come with restraints

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  • 30 day return-to-base warranty
  • Photos are a sample of one of the units, therefore cosmetic conditions may vary slightly

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Manufacturer’s Overview:

Snippit from https://www.hartwellmedical.com/combicarrier2-main.html

The innovative design of the CombiCarrierII® provides emergency medical and rescue personnel with two products in one, saving valuable storage space, weight and critical budget dollars.  The CombiCarrierII functions as a scoop-type stretcher minimizing patient movement with no logrolling required, and also serves as an improved extrication board during vehicle extrication situations.  The concave patient surface limits lateral movement of the victim providing more secure stabilization.  The split-litter design also allows for easy removal once the patient is on the ambulance cot or delivered to the emergency department should that be desired to meet the latest protocols.  Built to take a beating, many of the original units are still in operation over 15 years later.

  • Simple intuitive design minimizes training of all EMS, hospital and athletic training personnel
  • Off-set sturdy latch is built for reliability and durability making it much easier to apply and remove the device under patient load
  • Can be separated at either end or split into two halves, eliminating unnecessary patient movement and making it ideal for patients with suspected hip, pelvic and spinal injuries
  • Clear center section provides unobstructed A/P view of the patient’s spine
  • Seamless, high density polyethylene surface is easily cleaned and disinfected
  • Quality components and no rivets, drive screws or roll pins reduces maintenance and replacement costs
  • Ideal companion product to the FASPLINT FULLBODY®, FASPLINT HALFBACK® or the EVAC-U-SPLINT® Mattress for a complete patient transfer system


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