JVC BR-HD50E DV MiniDV ProHD HD Video Cassette Recorder Player – Issue

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Used: Power tested – Issue with Supply / Take Up Reel (details below)

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All buttons working well
Tested with MiniDV tape
– On first test, on-screen error of “Warning 7203 / 7202 Supply Reel Failure”
– After ejecting tape, second test was successful for approx a minute before error displayed “Warning 7302 / 7303 Take Up Reel Failure”
– After ejecting tape, some tape was jammed in the unit
– Retested and playback was successful
– However, take up reel was intermittently working as excess tape was being spooled but not “taken up” during playback (see video below)
– Fast forward, rewind function stops/ starts intermittently
– Given that the unit has been in storage for a long period of time, it’s likely that both the supply / take up reel assembly’s need servicing / replacing as these are regularly serviced parts depending on usage.

JVC BR-HD50E DV MiniDV ProHD HD Video Cassette Recorder Player – Take Up Issue

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