Lot of 15 Assorted GE Critikon Dura-Cufs BP Cuffs Adult/Adult Long Wine

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Types of Cuffs:
6 x GE Critikon Dura-Cuf 31-40cm REF 2204 Large Adult Wine
3 x GE Critikon Dura-Cuf 31-40cm REF 2207 Large Adult Long Wine
2 x GE Critikon Dura-Cuf 31-40cm REF 2791 Large Adult Wine
4 x GE Critikon Dura-Cuf 31-40cm REF 2757 Large Long Adult Wine
Designed for patient safety, comfort and accuracy
Made with durable materials that can withstand extensive use and multiple disinfections and cleanings
Designed with rounded corners to enhance patient comfort
Constructed with materials not made with PVC, making them safer for the environment, and natural rubber latex, making them safer for your patient
Compliant with AAMI and AHA NIBP cuff sizing standards for prompt, correct sizing

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