Olympus LF-2 Laryngofiberscope LF 2 Intubation Fiberscope – Used

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The padding in the lid of the case has become brittle over time
The LF-2 provides exceptional flexibility and maneuverability for a tracheal intubation fiberscope while still maintaining the same thin diameter its predecessor – the LF-1 – was known for. The LF-2’s insertion tube has a combination of flexibility and stiffness for easier insertion and navigation into the trachea and easier placement of endotracheal/endobronchial tubes. A large 1.5mm channel permits improved aspiration of secretions. Incorporating Olympus’ advanced optics along with a 90° field of view, the LF-2 provides excellent image quality and visualization to make it easier for you to quickly and successfully perform flexible tracheal intubation.

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