Olympus OFP Endoscopic Flushing Pump – No Foot Pedal

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These pumps have been power tested only.
We do not have the necessary attachments to function test it.
No foot pedal is included in this sale – Foot pedals sell for around AU$100
Can also be controlled using the Olympus CV180/CV160 Video Processor (Available for sale separately – While stocks last)
The Olympus Flushing Pump is a high performance peristaltic pump which facilitates direct washing of colonic mucosa during endoscopic examinations, removing debris from the observation site and enabling improved visualization, diagnosis and therapy. The OFP has been specifically designed as a dedicated ancillary product for the Olympus EVIS EXERA video endoscope range. While fluids can be fed manually through EVIS EXERA video endoscopes, the use of the OFP provides a simple and effective means of supply at the touch of a button.
Designed to allow forced irrigation through the dedicated auxiliary water channel, the pump can be controlled directly by means of a footswitch or remotely from the endoscope control body via the video processor.
Small and compact will fit neatly alongside other endoscopy system devices on dedicated Olympus workstations.
Easy to operate either directly by means of a footswitch or remotely from the endoscope control body via the CV-160/180 video processor. Operation of the OFP could not be easier
. Easy load pump head easy to connect and operate, minimizing set up time. The integral peristaltic pump incorporates an innovative tube clamp system no separate components to assemble.
Automatic cut-off after 20 seconds of operation incorporates automatic cut-off feature for added safety to prevent unintended insufflation of the patient when water container is empty. Autoclavable tubing and water container practical in design, the tubing and container may be sterilized by autoclaving.
Adjustable flow rate adjusts flow rate up to a maximum of 10.1oz/min.

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