OTIS Gen II WireFree Interface OI-9850 255 Channel Receiver Modbus Gas Detector

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1 x OTIS Gen II WireFree Interface OI-9850
Item is used but has come from a working environment.
Overall condition: Good
The item has not been tested due to a lack of suitable equipment and/or environment.
There are minor cosmetic blemisheson the item but this shouldb’t affect performance.
Engineered to accommodate the time-tested WireFree product line of Otis Instruments, Inc., the Interface OI-9850 is a 255 channel receiver that works collectively with Otis Gen I and Gen II WireFree Sensor Assemblies and a PLC, PC or other compatible Monitor.
The OI-9850 features a 128×64 graphical LCD with green backlight. The device operates with 120/240 Volts AC or 12-35 Volts DC (250mA) power-in, features RS-485 and RS-232 RTU Modbus Output, and offers an optional 4-20mA output.
RS-485, RS-232, Virtual COM port over USB RTU Modus Output
Optional 4-20mA Output
Capable of communicating with up to 255 WireFree Sensor Assemblies
Ethernet-to-website option for displaying real-time values
AC or DC power-in option
Operating Voltage: 12-35 Volts DC or 110-240 Volts AC
Protection: Power EMI filter, surge suppression, 4-20mA and RS-485 surge suppression
Compatibility: Otis WireFree sensor assemblies
Radio Options: One Legacy radio (900 MHz, 100mW) and/or one Gen II radio (2.4 GHz ISM, 100mW) OR (900 MHz, 200mW)
Operating Temp:-20 to 60 C
Fuses: PTC (Automatic Reset); Manufacturer Replace
Channels:255 WireFree
Output: RS-485 & RS-232 Modbus, 4-20mA (optional), Virtual COM port over USB, Ethernet-to-website (real-time values)
Enclosure: Stahlin 10 x 8 x 6; fiberglass w/ clear window
Display: Graphical LCD (128 x 64), sunlight readable, LED backlight
NOTE: The OI-9850 is compatible with: Internet Explorer 10, Firefox, and Google Chrome

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