Oz Tank Medium Soak Tank – Double Skinned Commercial Kitchen Pub Restaurant

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Powers on and heats up accordingly
Manufacture: 304 stainless steel 1.2mm with basket
Total length dimensions : 1100mm (includes outlet pipe and handle)

Snippet from oztank.com.au/medium-soak-tank/
Our medium sized soak tank was introduced as the perfect option between our small and large tank sizes. This soaking tank suits all RSLs, clubs, pubs and hotels with a high weekly turnover of customers and need all their equipment soaked and cleaned and ready to go again.
Oz Tank soak tanks efficiently and quickly remove grease, oil and built-up carbon on pots, pans, grills, vents and so much more. They are the perfect non-toxic commercial cleaning solution for the hospitality industry and are being used in over 2,800 kitchens, bakeries, hotels and food outlets across Australia. In excess of 30,000 tanks are being used worldwide.

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