Rail Equip Koni 4423-05 Damper Shock Absorber Test Bench Machine

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Minimum function testing

Photos are of the actual item

Please note the original 3 phase power cable (as seen in the images) was CUT when it was removed from service (hard wired).

Since then, we have replaced the power cable with a 3 Phase 20 Amp plug (see last image)

The unit has been tested and appears to be working as intended.


As per the images
We are unsure if the item is complete

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Manufacturer’s Overview

This Testing bench is able to test dampers up to a capacity of 10 kN (=1000 KgF).

It has a device that allows to change the test stroke and piston velocity. It also has four velocities.

    Strokes shown: 10-25-50-75-100 mm.
    r.p.m.: 50-84-100-168

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