Rail Equip Koni 4423-05 Damper Shock Absorber Test Bench Machine

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Minimum function testing
Please note the original 3 phase power cable (as seen in the images) was CUT when it was removed from service (hard wired).
Since then, we have replaced the power cable with a 3 Phase 20 Amp plug (see last image)
The item has been tested and appears to be working as intended.
We are unsure if the item is complete
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This Testing bench is able to test dampers up to a capacity of 10 kN (=1000 KgF).
It has a device that allows to change the test stroke and piston velocity. It also has four velocities.
Strokes shown: 10-25-50-75-100 mm.
r.p.m.: 50-84-100-168
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