Roksan Caspian M1 Series 1 Integrated CD Player – Used – No Remote

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Remote controller NOT included
The new Generation Caspian CD Player utilises a new Mechanism, Mother board, Control PCB and new DAC PCB. The mechanisms are all individually selected to ensure super performance. The new mother board has four fully regulated power supplies for the mechanism and digital section plus separate supplies for the display and control PCB. This new system does not require any set-up and thus eliminates ‘aging’ of the laser control parameters. Superior quality components, carefully laid out on 2 oz copper double sided PCBs ensure full execution of this new design. The D/A board utilises no less than six fully regulated power rails, six high current Op Amps and a custom made super precision crystal for master clock system. Every component has been chosen to enhance performance and reliability. Almost all digital and analogue circuit components have been up rated for lower distortion, lower noise and more dynamic range. The new Generation Caspian has even tighter and better defined bass, life like open and detailed mid range with much extended yet smoother and clearer top end.These improvements ensure unsurpassed timing, dynamics and sound staging that compliment the new Caspian range. Aesthetics of this new Caspian M SERIES-1 CD player coupled with its unparalleled audio performance makes it a must for any high-end system.

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