Steris CMAX Surgical Table Operating Bed – Working with Issue

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Sold in AS IS condition
Accessories – Hand Controller
This surgical table is in working order with known faults/issues.
The Slide Sensor is defective – This means that when the torso or leg panels are extended downward, they could collide with the column  when sliding tabletop as the machine does not recognise that a collision is imminent.
We would recommend having the slide function repaired prior to use to avoid any unintentional damage to the hydraulics or mechanisms.
Some of the panels are bent near the pivot points but this does not affect its functioning.
There are tears in the mattress pads that appear to have been repaired.
The backup power supply is also faulty so this machine can only run on mains power.
The hand controller is a universal controller. Some button the the remote are not applicable to this table.
Further Details

The Cmax Surgical Table is a mobile, electrohydraulically operated surgical table designed to support all general surgical procedures including cardiac and vascular, endoscopic, gynecology, urology, nephrectomy, neurology, ophthalmologic, and orthopedics with the addition of STERIS table accessories.
The Cmax Surgical Table features powered lateral tilt, trendelenburg/reverse trendelenburg, Zip-Slide™ movable tabletop, and adjustable height functions. This table is designed to safely function with:
•1100 lb (499 kg) without patient positioning (tabletop not articulated or slid)
•1000 lb (454 kg) patient positioning (tabletop not slid)
•600 lb (272 kg) patient positioning (including tabletop slid)
The table is constructed of aluminum alloy, stainless steel, and other high quality materials.
The table is equipped with a large sliding tabletop providing unrestricted radiological access without patient reversing.

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