Topcon KR-8100 Auto Kerato Refractometer – Used – Optometry Opthamology

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Professionally Tested, working order
The refractor DOES NOT detect when you switch between eyes.
Therefore both eyes need to be tested in separate instances
i.e. Test Right Eye, print results, then
Test Left Eye, print results
It has the following diagnostic capabilities:
* Option for measuring the contact lenses
* PD patient
* Patient VD 0/12/13.5 mm
* Cylinders (CYL) from 0 to 10 D
* Form cylinders + / -/mix
* Sphere (SPH) from -30 to +22 D
* Axis 0 for the 180 on
>> Keratometer
* The radius of curvature of 5 to 10 mm
* Corneal Power 33.75 to 67.50 D
* Axis 0 for the 180 on
* Corneal astigmatic power 0 to 10 D
* Minimum big the pupil : 2 mm
It has a built-in thermal printer

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